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By creating and annotating data on our platform, you will contribute to the future of Artificial Intelligence. Common tasks include audio transcription and voice recording.

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I like to transcribe

Correct the text you see on screen in order to match the audio

Say it in your own words

What would you say in each situation?

Repeat out loud

Read the phrase you see on screen, that simple!

What's it about?

Just answer a few questions about the audio or text


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Yes, there are some tasks you can perform from your mobile device, keep in mind that for some others you will require a computer or both devices at the same time.
Currently we only use PayPal as it's fast and secure, but depending on the region restrictions we can enable more methods in the future.
Absolutely not, but it's better for you if you read the guideline before starting, we will provide feedback but if you follow our rules since your start, you get more money from the first minute.
NO! Be aware of scammers, we don't charge anything. In the tasks we require a phone call, we pay for the call, so it's free for you.

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